Anatole Muschinski

Silk Painting

Label: Famous Paintings

‚ÄúSilken symbol of quality” – Quote from Mosman Daily regarding Anatole’s quality of work.

Anatole was born Australia, 13 September 1958, into a family that has always pursued artistic endeavours. Therefore at an early age, painting was the course he chose to follow sculpture at art school, and then into the market place of screen printed textiles. However, it was only when he started producing hand painted silk pictures that he found his calling 18 years ago.

Lengths of silk are individually hand painted with thickened naphthol dyes. From this Anatole makes the garments including shirts, scarves and bags, all of which capture the essence of great paintings of the past, from the hearts of the Baroque, the Roses of Art Deco, the Lips of Surrealism and all involved with the rich colours of Australia.


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