Bella Head




Weaving has been my profession and my passion for nearly 30 years. From the moment I sat at my first loom while living in the United States in the 1980s, I was hooked. I learned the history and skills of traditional North American techniques at workshops, and soon began exhibiting and selling my work throughout Canada and the United States. On returning to Australia, I worked in industry on power looms, a time that cemented my ideas on mass-production, giving me great insight into the types of weaving that could never be reproduced commercially. This experience set the foundations of the style of my bellatextiles hand woven garments.

My bellatextiles range of hand weaving, accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia, is designed to be an alternative to mass produced items. Each hand woven item is crafted with skill, time, thought and an individual creative process to produce a unique pattern, texture, finish and drape. I weave with only the finest natural fibres like alpaca, silk, linen, merino wool or eco friendly tencel, sourced locally or from within Australia as often as possible. I enjoy dyeing my own yarns using colourfast, safe dyes to achieve unique, vibrant colours and combinations not available in commercially dyed yarns.

Several projects can always be found on my 32 shaft and 8 shaft hand operated dobby looms as well as smaller looms. Each project has a weaving design and pattern I have created in Photoshop and FiberWorks before transferring them to the dobby looms to be woven by hand. I cannot imagine life without my looms or the creative process of crafting garments for my bellatextiles label, a wonderful job to have!


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