Jenny Knight

Textiles and beading (free form)



I’ve had a love of beads for a long time but I started to seriously bead in 1999 within my long career of textile arts. My beading has grown considerably since then, helped by my innate sense of colour. I was once described by an international beading tutor as “She who strays from the beading path”.

When I started at Tarts in 2007 I was mainly doing brooches which had been influenced by visiting a group while I was over in England. I then went back to doing freeform brooches and expanded this into necklaces, bracelets, earrings and some 3 dimensional freeform objects. I also incorporate some glass beads from a fellow tart onto my work. I still do textured embroidered pieces which include felting, embellishment and beading just to name a few.

My beading is mainly freeform, using a variety of beading stitches. I gain a lot of my inspiration from the natural world around me, especially in close up. The shells on the beach, flowers , leaves and fungi are just a few of my sources of inspiration.

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