Julie Frahm

Handmade Glass Beads and Jewellery


Website:  www.aussiejules.com

I’ve been making jewellery since I left school (a long time ago now), and making glass beads since about 2004.

I am fascinated by glass! I enjoy playing with all the colours that are available. I like the contrast between the transparency and the opacity of the medium.

I recently started thinking about how I could make my artform more carbon neutral. I use energy from green sources at home, but was thinking about other ways of reducing my carbon footprint. It led me to start using recycled glass. I made some beads from a broken Depression Glass jug to begin with and the result was really pretty beads. I continued my search for unusual glass sources, and found old beer bottles, champagne bottles, and other glass objects all made really pretty beads. People are now starting to give me their broken glass, and asking me to make beads and jewellery for them. It’s a nice way of turning something that might be thrown away into a beautiful keepsake, an heirloom for tomorrow!


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