Sheryl Glassmith




I have been working in the glass and arts industry for over 30 years. I run my own studio with attached retail outlet in the Adelaide Hills.

My belief has always been that there is a demand for well-designed products that are functional, affordable and aesthetically pleasing. For the past 18 years I have focussed on producing a range of kiln formed glassware, including Splash-backs, one-off exhibition pieces, and architectural work.

I use a number of different techniques in my work, but all incorporate applying high fire enamels to glass. The whole process has been refined over the years through the combination of contemporary digital media techniques and continual tireless experimentation and trial and error. The designs on my glass are as changeable as my moods and have as many influences as they do. The biggest is my natural environment; I try to capture the essence of it so that I can bring the outside world indoors.

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