Jane Sabey


My ceramics training began in the late 1970’s by attending evening classes and numerous ceramic workshops. During this early stage my focus was on wheel work producing mostly functional ware, choosing a stoneware clay body. Studying at the Central School of Arts in the mid 1990’s inspired me to take on new directions in ceramics: that of sculptural figurative work.

Events in a person’s everyday life, a childhood memory or topical events of the day have been constant influences in my work. Ideas will often come from observations and my own life experiences. My love for animals and the human form has dominated my work since the late 1990’s and continues to do so.

I enjoy experimenting with clay bodies, glaze finishes and firing techniques. I find clay a wonderful medium for self expression. Although it can be a difficult medium and the firing process holds many challenges, it offers a unique scope for creating form. Finishes to my work may require several firings so as to obtain the depth and unique character of the piece.

I began exhibiting my work in 2003 and have been invited to participate in exhibitions in both Adelaide and Interstate. I have been successful in winning awards for my work and have been invited to undertake private commissioned work.

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