Leanne Hamilton-Kinnear


Metal Artist

Leanne’s copper indoor and outdoor sculptures, wall hangings and water features include gum leaves, water lilies, butterflies and dragonflies, poppies and orchids.

Her work is predominantly hand cut and formed using traditional metalworking techniques.

As the daughter of a blacksmith/boilermaker/mechanic father it’s perhaps not surprising that Leanne took up welding.

She works primarily with copper but also steel and recycled metals, using both oxy-acetylene welding and brazing as well as MIG welding and plasma cutting.

Her biggest commission so far is a 2 metre high copper ‘kibble bucket’ in the main street of Blinman, in the northern Flinders Ranges.

Leanne lives and works in the Clare Valley and has been a member of the Collective since 2017.



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