Liz Wauchope


Textiles, Prints

Liz has been painting on silk since 1982 and overtime she has expanded her repertoire to different decoration techniques including screen printing, discharge dyeing, indigo, shibori and devoré (burnout).

Originally from Alice Springs, Liz has been travelling the world for nearly fifty years and her images of memorable places, both local and exotic, are the inspiration for her artwork.

Since 2016 she had been involved in Sustainable Couture, re-purposing vintage clothing and fabrics through painting, dyeing, stitching and reshaping.

Not very adept at sewing, she has always teamed up with seamstresses to construct garments and accessories.

Liz has been a participant in hundreds of exhibitions and shows, but T’Arts is her favourite venue having been a member from the start.



There’s so much to look at, we suggest you come and browse. If you just can’t choose between the 2 or 3 (or more) items you simply have to have, why not take a moment to sit down and relax, and have lunch or coffee at one of the cafes just next to our gallery. And when you come back in, you’ll know exactly which work of art is right for you.

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